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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Marital Problems: 10 Warning Signs Divorce is Knocking

Tap, tap, tap at your back door is the sound of divorce knocking. If you ignore the knock, divorce is likely to come calling again but the next time you might be calling a divorce lawyer. But if you answer the knock at the door, you will have an opportunity to send divorce away, while you work to fix the problems - leaving divorce with no more reasons to come knocking again. Your marital problems will not go away unless you address them and work toward a better life together.

The warning signs are always there it's a matter of how much you care to take the bull by horns and fix your marital problems before they fix you in divorce.

1. Silence of the Couple
Existing with your partner in silence is a primary symptom of major marital problems.

2. The Last one to Know
Are you the last one to find out about your partners decisions and movements through life? Are you the last to hear the news?

3. Personal appearance down the tubes
Have you let yourself go? Are you not bothered about your appearance when you are out with your partner? Or is your partner not bothered about his appearance?

4. The decline of intimacy
This is a huge one. Have you noticed that you and your partner don't touch anymore? At all! Aside from sexually, are there hugs, kisses or gentle pats? Do you find that you and your partner only touch when sexually active?

5. The nasty side of you
Do you make nasty jokes about your partner in front of friends and family? Do you enjoy making fun of them and humiliating them? Or do they enjoy doing it to you?

6. Tune Out - "What did you say?"
You always tune your spouse out, never really paying attention to them, unless there is something in it for you. Do you find yourself always asking, "what?" after he has finished talking? Or does he walk away from you while you are talking or about to talk?

7. Compulsive Tendencies
You or your spouse has compulsive behaviors such as over eating, non stop activities, over working, drugs or alcohol?

8. It's turned physical
When you fight one of you or both of you get either physically aggressive, or throws and breaks

9. All eyes on me
You enjoy and want to attract the opposite sex.
You are more interested in looking hot for other men or women than for your spouse.

10. "A compliment- Whats that?"
You have no interest in complimenting your spouse and rarely show appreciation even when you know it is warranted. Or, he never compliments you.

Just like with anything worth while, it takes time and constant attention on the issues at hand to begin to put your marital problems behind you. Don't get frustrated and remember that when all is back in place, you and your partner will feel fulfilled in the relationship, divorce will not come knocking anymore, and you will have a firm platform that won't crack easily under pressure.